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ITE Transportation Achievement Award

ITE SoCal invites agency members (or consultants) to reach out to the section board by Friday, February 7 at 5:00 PM if you, or someone you know, have recently completed or are going to complete an innovative project that falls under one of the five (5) ITE Technical Councils (Safety, Traffic Engineering, Planning, Complete Streets and TSMO). We would like to recognize the best projects in each Technical Council within our section and nominate them for Western District and International awards, given the following categories:

  1. Development of an innovative concept in Complete Streets, TSMO, Safety, Planning, and Traffic Engineering.

  2. Implementation of a challenging transportation program through perseverance in its development and promotion.

  3. Program or project having a significant effect on transportation.

  4. Multi-faceted transportation program or project, combining many innovative and/or well-applied concepts.

  5. Program or project promoting a major advance in the efficiency and/or economy of transportation.

Submission/Selection Process

The nomination submittal should include pertinent information and, if applicable, photographs. The submittal should be in PDF format, limited to five (5) pages that describe the project with graphics and indicate how the project meets the judging criteria for the award. Multiple categories may be selected when submitting a project nomination.

Submissions should be made to the ITE SoCal Section President, Sowmya Chandrasekhar ( and/or Section Vice President, Ed Alegre ( by 5:00 PM on Friday, February 7.

Please clearly indicate name of the agency, primary point of contact (name, phone number, email address), and the award category on a cover page (not included in the page count).

One project under each Technical Council listed above will be sent forth to Western District as our Section nomination. Please note that two of these submissions will be invited to present at the Annual Tri-Section (ITE SoCal/RSBITE/ITE SD) Meeting in March 2020.

Judging Criteria

  • 30 points Application of innovative ideas

  • 30 points Exhibits a commitment to the advancement of the profession

  • 30 points Strong applicability to the industry

  • 10 points Well-balanced scope and format

For more information on the Transportation Achievement Award, please refer to:

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