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What do ITE students have to say?


“Since joining ITE about 3 years ago, I have been presented with both, wonderful opportunities and people. By attending district conferences and student summits and meeting local and international members, this organization separates itself from the others I have associated with. ITE not only cares about the promoting transportation knowledge and ideas within the industry, but it also cares just as much for its students and professionals involved. Plus, ITE gives me another reason to travel around the world, I mean... the Western District!”

Brandon Wong, Cal Poly Pomona

2014-15 Student Chapter President

“My involvements with the ITE Student Chapter at UCLA has been a major highlight of my college career. Through the organization, I met my advisor, Pat Gibson, who became one of the most influential people in my transportation career. By being a part of ITE's Western District, I have met the most hilarious people and realized how much fun it is when you group a bunch of transportation folks of all ages onto the dance floor. I am excited to see what 2015 ITE has in store!”

Casey Le, UCLA

2014-15 Student Chapter President

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