Membership Packages

ITE offers a variety of membership statuses to cater to your specific needs. Whether you are a student, young professional, or retired, there is an option for you. Also, there are discounts for public agency employees!

  • Individual Professional Member

A member must be a graduate of a school of recognized standing in transportation-related programs or if not a graduate from a transportation related program, had five years of professional experience in the field of transportation or traffic engineering.


  • Institute Affiliate

An Institute Affiliate is a person that is otherwise not eligible for Institute membership but is engaged in transportation or traffic engineering related work OR is in a related field who by virtue of stature or official position is in a position to contribute to the work of transportation professionals OR is engaged in commerce or industry and comes in frequent contact with transportation professionals and who has an interest in the profession or is in position to work with and assist transportation professionals.


  • Student Member

A Student Member shall be enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate transportation related program at a school of recognized standing AND not be otherwise eligible for another grade of membership. Student Membership shall cease if a Student Member withdraws from the transportation related program. If the Student Member accepts a position in the field of transportation or traffic engineering within one year of graduation, the Student Member shall become an Associate Member upon application.


  • Young Professional Member

Same benefits and qualifications as regular individual member, however membership dues are opted into a "30 to 30" payment plan. Dues are $0 starting at the age of 23, and increase by $30 every year until age 30.


  • Fellow

A Fellow must have been a Member of ITE for at least five years and attained significant professional stature, including professional registration or certification. There is no direct admission to the grade of Fellow.


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