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Membership Packages

ITE offers a variety of membership statuses to cater to your specific needs. Whether you are a student, young professional, or retired, there is an option for you. Also, there are discounts for public agency employees!

ITE Southern California Section is one of the largest sections of ITE International with over 900 members. ITE packages are set by ITE International. All ITE members residing within the Southern California Section (Los Angeles and Orange Counties) are Southern California Section members. Southern California Section dues are collected by ITE International on behalf of the Section at the time of membership renewal. The 2019 Southern California Section dues for professionals is $30. Students do not have to pay any Section dues, but are strongly encouraged to register with ITE International as a Student Member.

ITE Membership Options

  • Member

The following individuals are welcome to join ITE as a Member:

Any person in the active practice of transportation engineering or a transportation-related field and either:

  • Is a graduate from a school of recognized standing or

  • If not a graduate from a school of recognized standing shall have five years of professional experience in transportation engineering or a transportation-related field.

Public Member (public agencies, educational institutions, non-profits, government employees): $260 per year + District and Section dues; Discounts for Canadian and International individuals. 

Private Member (consultants, non-government employees, employees of for-profit companies): $285 per year + District and Section dues; Discounts for Canadian and International individuals. 

For younger members, we offer graduated pricing to the age of 29. Click here to learn more.

  • Student

ITE takes great pride in our student members and we have a great history of working with our students to develop their skills so they can succeed as transportation professionals.

In order to become a student member of ITE you must

  • be enrolled as a student in a graduate or undergraduate program at a school of recognized standing; and

  • not be otherwise eligible for another grade of membership.

Students can join ITE as an undergraduate for free and $30 per year for graduate students.


  • Agency Membership

For cities, counties, states, provinces, MPO’s, and federal agencies, ITE offers discounted pricing on ITE membership if a minimum of 5 individuals join from the entity.

There are two options: the Traditional Dues Option and the Flat Fee Dues Option

The Traditional Dues option allows you to sign up at least 5 members at a discounted fee, that lowers as more people are added to the roster.

The Flat Fee Dues option allows you to sign up as many people as you like (up to ½ the price of regular membership) for a flat fee amount.  This offers the greatest savings for the agency and pricing is dependent upon the population size of the city, county, province, or state.

Click here for more information on agency membership.


  • Fellow

We encourage our Members who have made significant contributions to both their profession and in leadership through ITE, to apply to become a Fellow. 

There is no direct admission to the grade of Fellow, and to be eligible, a Member must:

  • have been a Member of ITE for at least five years; and

  • have 10 years of professional experiences; and

  • have attained significant professional stature that may be demonstrated by having a license or certification based on education, examination and experience, or by comparable evidence of professional status as determined by the Board; and

  • have had responsible charge of important transportation engineering or transportation related work, including scientific, educational and managerial activities, for at least five years; and

  • have demonstrated an active commitment and contribution to the work of ITE and the profession.

  • Retired Membership

Learn more about Membership Packages here:

​Western District ITE

ITE International

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