Member Awards

Ed Alegre
Individual Excellence Award Winner

The Individual Excellence Award is given to an ITE SoCal member that has obtained noteworthy accomplishments in the field and has been an active member of ITE. More specifically, this award honors outstanding efforts, encourages member creativity, and celebrates the achievements of ITE members serving our section.

Ed Alegre has made it his personal goal to make sure we are progressing as a professional organization. Over the past couple of years he has found new ways to achieve better sponsorship numbers that has helped this section regain a better financial footing. He was the driving force behind offering a membership survey that then allowed us to act on our member’s needs in 2019. He also helped us modernize our sections logo and streamlined the way that we communicate with our membership.

Ed currently works at LA Metro where he is managing the Countywide Signal Priority (CSP) Program that funds and supports the use of Transit Signal Priority. He is also involved in Integrated Corridor Management projects such as the I-210 Connected Corridor and South Bay Dynamic Corridor Congestion Management (DCCM) project managed by Caltrans District 7. Additionally he supports grant funding and coordinates with local agencies on Connected Vehicle efforts, and Freight/Goods Movement Technology projects.

Zaki Mustafa
Classic Transportation Engineer Award Winner

The Classic Transportation Engineer Award is presented to a Southern California ITE Section member whose career has demonstrated outstanding professional leadership.  This can be in the form of noteworthy professional achievements, commitment to ITE, and the mentoring of younger engineers. The award is intended to help acknowledge, understand, appreciate and respect our heritage.  It links us to our roots and gives us a sense of tradition. 

Zaki has been very active with Institute of Transportation Engineers for more than 33 years and served at all levels of ITE leadership: as a Student Chapter President, Section President, District President, International Board and as the International President.

Before he retired in 2017 he was the principal transportation engineer for traffic operations, where he supervised all of the city-wide district offices and was responsible for the traditional traffic engineering investigations and authorization for all of the traffic control devices for the city.

While serving as the Executive Officer his team designed and installed over 175 miles of bike lanes, designed and installed City’s first People Plaza, designed and installed City’s first 4 parklets, introduced City’s new Continental crosswalk, and designed the City’s first low-cost traffic-calming pedestrian enhancement project as part of Mayor’s initiative, “Great Streets” on Broadway

Zaki is a registered Civil Engineer and is married to another registered Civil Engineer for over 30 years. They have two children. Their son who is also another Civil Engineer. Their daughter is a Physician Assistant. Since his retirement, he has devoted more efforts to volunteer work that includes helping with Family Foothill Shelter, the Salvation Army, Mary’s Mercy Center and St. Vincent De Paul. He is also serving as an Assistant Scout Master with Boy Scouts of America for the last 25 years. Most notably in recent years he has founded his own charity, “transformingalife”, which was able to donate 8,650 Jackets in 2018.

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